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Maison Turcot, hébergement touristique idéal pour les voyageurs d'affaires et d'agrément.


We are proud to welcome you to an exclusive establishment, designed specifically to meet the needs of the demanding business traveler and the tourist seeking comfort away from home. With an elegance imbued with historical flavor, Maison TURCOT offers refined accommodation tailored to your professional or leisure agenda. Our carefully appointed suites blend modern comfort with a warm atmosphere, creating a space conducive to relaxation after a busy day. Whether you are here for a crucial meeting, a high-level conference, or simply to enjoy your activities in peace, we will ensure that your stay is worry-free. Enjoy our ultra-fast Wi-Fi connection, spacious meeting space, and discover our attentive service that anticipates your needs. Maison TURCOT is more than just accommodation; it is a partner in your professional success. We look forward to offering you an unparalleled experience where every detail is designed to optimize your business stay. Book now and discover the perfect blend of professional efficiency and comfort at Maison TURCOT.

À propos de moi

About your hosts...

Maison Turcot, an Art Deco gem in the heart of downtown Saint-Hyacinthe. Discover the unmatched charm of a spacious, quality apartment where elegance meets history to create an exceptional accommodation experience. Let us introduce you to the owners, François and Christine, a passionate duo whose six years of experience in the tourist and business accommodation sector have solidified a five-star reputation.

François and Christine have dedicated their expertise to making Maison TURCOT a place where refinement and Art Deco style blend harmoniously. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in every detail of this unique space. With a special focus on the history of the house and its former occupants, the owners have preserved the soul of this building, offering their guests an authentic immersion in the past while enjoying modern comfort.

When you stay at Maison TURCOT, expect to be transported to an era where elegance was the norm and where every corner of the house tells a fascinating story. As passionate caretakers of this residence, the owners are ready to share captivating anecdotes about local history and the iconic figures who have left their mark on these places.

In addition to the enchanting atmosphere of Maison TURCOT, François and Christine are determined to provide their guests with a personalized and attentive experience. Their in-depth knowledge of the accommodation sector translates into impeccable service and expert advice to make each stay memorable.

More than just a destination, Maison TURCOT embodies the perfect alliance between history and contemporary luxury. It is a place where the past and present meet to offer an unforgettable travel experience. Experience the timeless charm of a bygone era while enjoying modern comfort, thanks to François and Christine, your passionate hosts at Maison Turcot. Welcome to a world where style and history blend to create lasting memories.

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